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I have just made and added DVD captures of Contraband, the action film Kate shot with Mark Wahlberg in 2011. Captures of the DVD extras have been uploaded as well. Enjoy!

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Contraband was released in the US and Canada yesterday, April 24! It’s now available on DVD and Blu-Ray and for rent via Movies on Demand on Cable, plus The Insider is holding yet another contest to win a Contraband Blu-Ray (and an iPad!)

Here’s a quick review of the Blu-Ray edition from Starpulse. Scroll down for two videos about Kate’s part in Contraband!

The Flick: What is actually a story rehash of the David Caruso and before that the 1947 Victor Mature flick “Kiss of Death” thankfully goes beyond the basic family in peril premise here to make for a decent and entertaining flick. Not that everything within “Contraband” is golden since for every great scene of in-your-face action (the art heist is some tense stuff!) there’s downers like overacting ala Giovanni “ruined Mod Squad” Ribisi, but for a fun and fluffy piece of Mark Wahlberg tough guy escapism this one keeps the popcorn warm.

Best Feature: The featurette ‘Reality Factor: The Stunts and Action of Contraband’ is best as it specifically goes into the sequence mentioned above and give fans a fun front row seat.

Best Hidden Gem: The underused and seriously underrated Lucas ‘The Pin’ Haas plays a great part here as Wahlberg’s emotionally scared shitless buddy.

Worth the Moola: In the sea of mindless action outings, “Contraband” keeps the goods it has afloat

Contraband – Kate Beckinsale : Comments from her co-stars and her thoughts on her character

Behind the Scenes : Smashing Kate’s head into a mirror

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The HD Room is holding a contest offering five ‘Contraband’ DVD/Blu-Ray combo packs. If you live in the USA or Canada, head over to their constest page and fill in the form for your chance to win! You can enter every day until May 18. Good Luck!

I also found another (longer) article from the Cancun press conference, unfortunately there wasn’t much from Kate, mostly what’s already been posted about the fight with Jessica Biel. She mentioned that the pretend-fight between Lily and her friend dressed as Lori and Melina was actually filmed, and expanded a little bit more when asked what memories she’d like to have implanted in her brain:

“I’ve always wanted to bottle-feed a lamb. But it’s something I can do; I wouldn’t need to get a memory implanted. I’ve never used cocaine either, I am quite scared of it,” said actress Kate Beckinsale, one of the female stars of the film. Sitting beside her, […] Colin Farrell poked fun at his bad-boy reputation adding apologetically: “I don’t have any here with me …”


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