Kate, Jessica Biel, and Colin Farrell are on the cover of the August Maxim. Here is an excerpt of the interview, with pictures:

Jessica on fighting Kate:
“Kate and I laughed about that one of a lot. We never get to fight women in our movies, so we never had hair to deal with. I’d fake-punch her, her here would go flying and get caught in my button, and I’d be stuck to her head.”

Kate on the public’s excitement over the return of ‘Total Recall’:
“I have been quite surprised about that, especially in the age of people watching porn on their cell phones. It seems like, if you wanted to, you could find a woman having sex with any kind of animal in about one second. At one point, when it looked like I wouldn’t be able to play Lori, I was going to do a cameo as the three breasted woman!”

Kate on her support of gun control and gun safety:

“It’s really important. I have a child. I want her to be safe. With the rise of gun related crime, it’s important to educate people on the importance of gun control. I mean people don’t even have gun vaults! Children die because of that.”

On the sexiest word in the English language:
Kate: It’s not bollocks, that’s for sure. I think the sexiest word is yes.
Colin: [whispers] Softly.
Jessica: Hippopotamus.
Colin: That’s a good one. I put those together for an absolute instant orgasm, [whispers] “Yes. Softly, hippopotamus.”