Contraband was released in the US and Canada yesterday, April 24! It’s now available on DVD and Blu-Ray and for rent via Movies on Demand on Cable, plus The Insider is holding yet another contest to win a Contraband Blu-Ray (and an iPad!)

Here’s a quick review of the Blu-Ray edition from Starpulse. Scroll down for two videos about Kate’s part in Contraband!

The Flick: What is actually a story rehash of the David Caruso and before that the 1947 Victor Mature flick “Kiss of Death” thankfully goes beyond the basic family in peril premise here to make for a decent and entertaining flick. Not that everything within “Contraband” is golden since for every great scene of in-your-face action (the art heist is some tense stuff!) there’s downers like overacting ala Giovanni “ruined Mod Squad” Ribisi, but for a fun and fluffy piece of Mark Wahlberg tough guy escapism this one keeps the popcorn warm.

Best Feature: The featurette ‘Reality Factor: The Stunts and Action of Contraband’ is best as it specifically goes into the sequence mentioned above and give fans a fun front row seat.

Best Hidden Gem: The underused and seriously underrated Lucas ‘The Pin’ Haas plays a great part here as Wahlberg’s emotionally scared shitless buddy.

Worth the Moola: In the sea of mindless action outings, “Contraband” keeps the goods it has afloat

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