I am undecided on what to do about something on the site so I thought I would ask for visitor input.  It has to do with candid photos.  Like a lot of people, I do enjoy seeing my favorite celebs in their day to day life – it makes them more “real”. However, a few of my celebs that I run sites for have been very outspoken on how much the paparazzi attention makes them uncomfortable and unhappy.  This has made me hesitant to post candids on all of my sites.  To my knowledge, Kate has never publicly said she hates the paparazzi and in any candid photos I’ve seen of her she doesn’t seem to mind.  But I am still unsure… especially when it comes to posting photos of her with Lily.

So I ask you loyal Kate Beckinsale Online visitors, what do you think?  Should I make the site paparazzi free? Should I continue posting candids? Should I only post candids that don’t have Lily in them?  Please take a few moments out of your day and leave your thoughts as a comment.