No treatment is quite like a refreshing ice cream for a hot summer day. Sometimes, however, you simply do not want to leave the house, and all store brands are full of sugar too much anyway. Why not save yourself some stress and unnecessary travel using the ingredients you already have in your home to make your own delicious homemade Popsicles? This little guide will tell you what you need and we will show systematically how to create these tempting treats with fruit flavor.

1. The first step is to gather supplies. Note: This guide assumes you have a freezer in your home or apartment! Apart from this fundamental unit, you need a ice cube tray plastic, several sheets of aluminum foil, and a handful of small Popsicle sticks. For this project, try to use the skinny sticks can find, because the ice cubes are not very big!

2. Find all fruit juices that have in your refrigerator without freezer. This is where you get to be creative: Mix and match your favorite juice to create the ultimate flavor Popsicle mix. Juices such as orange, apple, grapefruit and mix very well together. On the other hand, may well be some pre-packaged mixes for your account. You may try to orange strawberry banana, mango, peach or orange, to fly too away from your palate.

3. Remove the ice tray and place on a table that does not mind getting a little juice from some spills. If you are a neat freak, be sure to put a towel or it will have some sticky upholstery! Next, take the juice and pour mixture evenly into each pocket of the cube.

4. Once the juice has been spilled, take a sheet of aluminum foil and place on top of the ice cube tray. Fold the edges so that the blade has a strong influence on the ice container.

5. Make a hole through the foil with one of the Popsicle sticks to make you feel halfway submerged in the juice from the bottom (which will have to guess a bit here.) Repeat this for the rest of the sixteen or more bags of ice cubes. Carefully place in the freezer.

You’ll have to wait several hours for cooking to be ready, but well worth it when you do. There is nothing more refreshing than coming inside after a long, hot day out and pop a cold ice-cube-sized pallets in the mouth. Enjoy!