Kate is set to produce her first film, from the Daily Mail:

Actress Kate Beckinsale is set to make her debut as a producer and wants Kate Winslet to star in her first movie – wearing a fat suit.

Beckinsale, 39, left, has signed up to produce a film about the life of activist Erin Pizzey, who established Britain’s first women’s shelter in Chiswick, West London.

She has commissioned novelist and screenwriter Emma Forrest to write the film based on the life of Erin. And according to the real-life Erin, Winslet, 37, will take the starring role.

‘Kate Beckinsale grew up in Chiswick and told me how she remembered walking past the refuge and seeing mothers and kids coming in and out – and wondering about them,’ says Erin, who was in LA over Christmas to discuss the film.

‘She told me she wanted to make a film of my life and that Emma would write the script.

‘Kate Beckinsale is going to be in it but she won’t play me – she’s not fat enough!’

Erin opened the first refuge for women in Chiswick in 1971.

But by the middle of the decade, she was picketed by feminists for allowing men to staff the centres.

‘A lot of the film will be about the battle and the picketing that went on and the threats and the difficulties I faced,’ Erin added.

‘The feminist movement won’t be hostile to the film as feminism is more rational now.’